About Us

We are a team of individuals specialized and dedicated in providing all sorts of fountains and flower decors for your Wedding, Home coming, engagement party, birthday party or any special occasion. We deliver quality services at affordable rates to suite everyone’s budget.

Chocolate has been named as the Food of Gods in ancient Greek myths. We at feather fountain deliver the same quality chocolate to your event and make sure that your guests have an amazing time at the event you are planning.

Chocolate begins as a tiny blossom on a small tropical tree. Only three out of a thousand of these will produce the cacao pods that after a labor intensive and lengthy journey, with several chemically and technically complex steps along the way, will end up in your hand from our fountain as a delightful treat.

Not only chocolate, we have Champaign and Kirikala fountains too, which you can select at your liking and requirement.

We provide a total packaged solution for your event as we are also specialized and quite experienced in providing all sorts of flower decors from settee back designs, poruwa, table decors, oil lamp, and head table arrangements

We cater for Weddings, Home coming parties, Engagement parties, Birthday parties; get to gathers, office gatherings and all special occasions. We can supply our fountain with all the facilities and services you want with it.
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